PDX PHP Homes Investing in the Glass Industry

Investing in the Glass Industry

Groovy Hues of Greater Knoxville  is a vital part of our nation’s economy. Its growth is driven by several factors, including rising construction activity, the automotive industry’s demand for flat glass and consumer shifts to glass over plastics. There are also new opportunities in the tech, telecommunications and energy sectors with glass fibers for broadband communication and protective screens for electronics and solar panels. The largest glass manufacturers in the United States have a diverse range of products and services.

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While these companies all provide glass-related products and services, they differ in their primary areas of concentration. Some offer glass repair and replacement, such as Safelite AutoGlass, with more than 1,600 employees in the U.S. Its product catalog includes auto glass, windshields, residential and commercial windows and more. Other glass companies like Anchor Hocking Co. of Lancaster, Ohio, sell timeless glass household products with a focus on customer service. Others, such as SMR Automotive, make mirrors for automobiles and develop camera technology to improve blind spot visibility.

For investors, glass offers a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolios with exposure to a broad range of end markets. Its importance across multiple industries makes it a less cyclical and more stable investment than some commodities, as the demand for it is not limited to a few end users. The top four companies in the space are Corning (ticker: GLW), Vitro (VTX), O-I (O-I.L) and SCHOTT Industries (SCHOTT). The company’s specialty materials division is known for the “Gorilla Glass” used in Apple’s iPhone.

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